Shipping info!

//General Shipping Information//

/Processing times/
We tend to take 1-2 days to process and ship orders! But during these difficult times in the world there may be slight delay to this. Tracked orders will be shipped once a week on either a friday or monday.

//shipping costs//

Shipping costs varies massively depending on where you are in the world! I've created a little chart below where you can get a general idea of prices! This isn't exact as smaller items like stickers will cost a lot less, and bigger orders will cost a little more! 

 //Delivery times//

Delivery times vary country to country! Please remember after the package leaves our hands we don't have any control over it! But average usual delivery times are:

UK: 1 - 3 business days
Europe: 5 - 8 business days
7-14 working days. Most Orders will arrive within 10 days.

//COVID - 19//

We're still open to worldwide shipping!!
Due to covid-19 shipping times can take a little bit longer than usual. Please remember this is out of our control and tracking is recommended if your worried about your order! The US and canada in particular are facing delays of around 2-3 weeks (But longer is possible!)